Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Do you like birds?

I am not sure if I do.

They seems both fragile and vicious, loving and ruthless. I feel sorry for them in bad weather. I hate it when they swoop down to the road to catch an insect or mouthful of roadkill. To hold some birds is rather frightening as they tremble in my hands. Other times they seem fine and then so do I. Their sounds are often very lovely. Their songs at sunset remind my why it is good to be alive. On the other hand the animal rescue people tell us that many of the birds found injured later die because their hearts cannot take the stress of human intervention. What a mixture of feelings.

I came across these photos of embroidered sculptures by Catherine Frere-Smith. She is a textile print designer in Kent but her work is much more then just designing pictures on fabric. She also uses her fabrics to make garments, constructs  fabric sculptures, and captures wonderful images in photographs.

So that is the bird connection.

I also found a really attention-grabbing bird film clip on You Tube. Not local birds. A greater degree of separation than that, although I have seen real flamingos. 


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