Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Busy, busy

If you ever learned violin the Suzuki way you will be familiar with Busy Busy. It is the first little song for playing as a group or ensemble and is simply a little scratch back and forth.

I feel Busy Busy, scratching back and forth lately.

I chased down jobs like there was no tomorrow and now I have the pleasure of refusing some. At the moment I am busy busy with some tutoring with a university student. It is a big ask due to special circumstances, but I guess my employer knows that this is the type of client I handle well. Busy busy with studying for my own course. Busy busy with household duties. Busy busy with a sick cat. Busy busy with an interstate visitor. Busy busy with rehearsals for a concert on Sunday.

It is all a bit of a stretch. Very testing. Hope it is character building.

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