Monday, 5 March 2012

Do you remember the play equipment made of galvanised pipe? It lasted such a long time, until the welds need fixing, and then could easily be repaired. This style of play equipment has gone out of style, supposedly because it is dangerous to children. Maybe breathing is also dangerous.
There is an element of danger all the time in everything we do. Knowing what to do to accommodate that danger and deal with it is part of growing.

I saw some great playground equipment in a park and took a few photos. Three generations were playing together. This equipment had been removed from this park but the public outcry was immense. It has been restored and reinstated much to the delight of the community.

I know all these people. The faces of the children are obscured. The location is not easily identifiable. We were absorbed in joy. The smooth feel. The possibilities. The simplicity.

What pleasure the original artists and workers must have had while they made these giant toys.
I wonder how many grandparents feel so comfortable playing on the pine log adventure playgrounds that were so popular for a while. Now they are just splinter farms laced with arsenic.
And will the coloured steel and plastic forts last so well? They seem to have become the haunts of graffiti merchants.

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