Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I enjoy having plants around me. Not dahlias which need stakes or cactii that fight me. Green stuff. I do not need flowers very much. Orchids are not happy to live in my garden, although I have tried many times.

Everything now must live in pots as we are in a highrise flat.

I have some euphorbias, palms, cycads and dracenas that provide a lush backdrop on the verandah.

Just popping its head up for a look.
My favourites are my bromeliads which are not the great ornamental varieties, but just show great endurance day after day. One bloom. The bloom is a reward for year long care, but I love the shape and colour of the leaves too. They seem so polite to me. So gentle. Of course the blooms are spectacular and look fabulous in arrangements.


The bromeliad bloom is actually many flowers all clustered together. Each little matchstick-like piece is a separate flower. Then they die one by one.

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