Thursday, 29 March 2012


Sometimes I wonder just how much we have in common with certain animals. 
Watch these clips. 

Dogs seek out people and the affection is often mutual. Cats make wonderful pets who do communicate with the household members. Pigs, cows, donkeys and goats are so like us that human babies can drink their milk. Horses and riders definitely communicate. Tigers, lions, monkeys and elephants can be taught to do tricks. Gorillas, orang otangs, and chimpanzees are even genetically close to us. And so it seems that most mammals have emotions and needs and activities that are similar and communicable.

For some animals the connections seem more remote. Snakes? Some are very affectionate. Cuddly. Birds? Fish? Turtles?  But do these animals reach right inside us and touch our feelings?

Many people from various parts of the world find koalas very appealing. They have sharp claws. They bark and scream, yet are so gentle and vulnerable. They look at you straight in the face. They hold on. Koalas feel like babies.Who do they harm? What animals do they kill? Do they eat the farmers' crops?  No wonder we love them.


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