Saturday, 24 March 2012

Who am I?

This is the code I live by.

I am not indigenous anything. I am genetically rich with predominantly European heritage. My father was born in 1906 and my mother was born in 1911. My maternal grandmother was born in Queensland in the nineteenth century. Four generations of my family have been born in this land. My paternal grandparents and great grandparents were torn from their country and sent to live in Australia in about 1905. It does not actually matter who or what my predecessors were, where they previously lived or even what languages they spoke. The important aspect of these people is that they were strong people who made a commitment to this country.

I am alive and I am glad of that. My cup is never half empty. It is full to the top, even though some of that is air. I am no longer a child, and I do not blame any aspect of my childhood for any deficiencies in my character or my life. No-one can ruin my life unless I give permission for that to occur. I lead my life.

Fifty facts about my culture and belief system.

1.      Make the world a better place. This is the purpose of Life.
2.      Be brave. Be courageous. Be stoic. Endure.
3.      Silence is golden.
4.      Obey the laws of wherever you are.
5.      Do not take a human life. Know that the personal cost of being a soldier is high.
6.      Life is not fair – bad things happen to good people.
7.      Be steadfast and true.
8.      Trust your own judgement.
9.      Find reasons to be happy.
10.   It is not dishonourable to be unemployed. It is dishonourable to neglect your responsibilities.
11.   Do not abuse the trust of another person.
12.   Laughter is a luxury. Sometimes you might have this luxury.
13.   The pursuit of knowledge is a worthwhile goal. There are many forms of knowledge.
14.   Kindness costs little. You can afford it.
15.   Love is not necessarily logical.
16.   Beauty has value. It enriches life. Each person feels it differently.
17.   Everyone gets one life. No-one is entitled to two – their own and yours. Fight for your life.
18.   Do not steal. Stop yourself from wanting to steal.
19.   Good manners and politeness are not universal. Standards differ. Learn to accommodate this without compromising your own code.
20.   Ignorance may cause a person to behave rudely. Advise or forgive them.
21.   Live moderately.
22.   Think. Think about people, things, animals, beliefs, mathematics, literature, puzzles, the metaphysical, or the physical world.
23.   Stay alive. Eat cockroaches and maggots if necessary to stay alive. Things might improve.
24.   There is no such thing as a totally good or a totally bad person.
25.   There are many different religions and philosophies to suit the many different people. None is superior to any other, although some may be more popular at certain times.
26.   No one person is inherently better than any other person. This includes the physically and mentally handicapped. This also includes the very young, the very old, the ill and the dying.
27.   Some people acquire heavy responsibilities. They may need help with these. Giving this help does not indicate subservience. Respect the roles.
28.   Sometimes things are to be done in a special order, such as greeting people. This does not indicate superiority. It indicates honour and respect.
29.   A person is much more than their occupation.
30.   The purpose of some tasks and occupations may be difficult to identify. The contemplative nun has the same value as the farmer.
31.   Nobody chooses their parents and grandparents. Consider what shapes people.
32.   Look after your parents, children, brothers and sisters.
33.   There is no guarantee that you will like members of your own family.
34.   Put yourself last. Care about and for others.
35.   No person is brilliant at everything. We each have talents. Some talents may not be valued as highly as they should at this time.
36.   There are good and bad people of all countries, races and beliefs. You may not have met them all yet so judge only individuals.
37.   Animals are alive too. Consider their needs. Avoid cruelty.
38.   There is nothing dirty, bad or nasty about any baby or young animal.
39.   Children are works in progress so do not expect them to be completely finished.
40.   The human body makes noises. This is not hilarious.
41.   Sex is a natural part of life, as are eating and sleeping. Remember that there could be consequences.
42.   Ageing is natural part of life. Look after your body so that it lasts well. There are consequences.
43.   Confrontation and danger are part of human nature.
44.   There is no such thing as Evil, but the word exists for a reason. Think about how this can be improved.
45.   Listen to your own life before criticising others.
46.   Nobody wins all the time. We must fail sometimes if we are truly to learn.
47.   Work hard at whatever you do. If you choose the goal yourself, the work is unlikely to kill you.
48.   It is not possible for justice to exist on a world-wide scale but the pursuit of justice is always worthwhile.
49.   Actions speak louder than words.
50.   The past cannot be relived. Learn from it. Live now.

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