Saturday, 10 March 2012

Yarn Bombing

This afternoon I took part in some guerrilla knitting. A large group of us arrived at the Chan Building which is used as an art gallery. Inside we had lots of room and worked amidst a wonderful exhibition of textile art from all corners of the Territory. Rather inspiring.

The blue art work hanging behind this group is actually a hand-knotted rug.

Who were we? Men and women. Young and older. No children or teenagers though. Beginners and experienced. Crafty. Artistic. Thrill seekers. Hiders from the heat. Blissful air conditioning inside.

The organisers supplied yarn and needles. Many pieces had already been cast on so that the results would fit the balustrades outside. Other pieces were to fit poles and fences.

Tea and biscuits helped make a pleasant atmosphere. The assorted tea cosies were magical and uplifting.
Obviously many people besides me had brought along left over balls of wool and I saw a few knitting looms. Sean the Sheep kept an eye on things.

I met quite a few interesting people and we all seemed to enjoy ourselves. There was a great sense of community.

The result was a little thin. Next time would be more productive because the organisers will get better at this too. Some pieces prepared earlier would help.
Here we are attaching the completed pieces to the railings and fences.

I put my name on the list for the next event.

Happy Yarn Bombing.

You can not quite make out the sleeves attached to this light pole.

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