Monday, 30 April 2012

Applying for a job

I have a job, a casual job which fits quite well into the lifestyle I want to lead. I love the work but the timing is often tricky.Do you sometimes get caught up in wishing for something different or more or possibly better? 

Sometimes however, I think I would like a full time job where I know exactly what time I will start and what time I will finish. I have been researching how to get that better job.

Sometimes I do not want to be making so many hard decisions. Or maybe different decisions.

Sometimes I want a better income. A more predictable income. maybe more income would lead to a new lounge suite, a really beautiful one. Perhaps a new line of work would help achieve that.

Of course the negative side is that I would not be able to do some of the things I really enjoy. Once again the mending and sewing would take a step back. The knitting would disappear into that same abyss. Singing might fall into that category, or at least go back to a lower level of intensity. Studying would be more difficult again.

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