Monday, 9 April 2012

Did you enjoy your Easter?

I wish everyone an enjoyable Easter.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs and Hand EmbroideryWhile most people here go camping for Easter this is not the case worldwide. Some of the traditions, foods, and artefacts are very interesting.

In our house we use a special paper decoration that was sent to our son for his first Easter 32 years ago. What tender thoughts it brings to my mind. A little dusty and frail nowadays, but still used.

Later today I intend baking a Swiss Easter Rice Tart, which is new to me. I have been reminded about the Russian Easter Bread but will not do that particular delicacy. I have given away all my chocolate moulds, but we have some incredibly good handmade chocolate bunnies from Melbourne's Monsieur Truffe.

Many thanks to Mary Corbett for supplying the following information about the Ukrainian tradition of an Easter basket

In Ukrainian embroidery, there are different styles, depending on regional preferences and traditions. Several websites provide free designs, particularly Haftix.

There is also a Ukrainian folk art website with free designs.

Yvette Stanton of Vetty Creations  has published a wonderful book of Ukrainian embroidery that is readily available in Australian libraries and fabric shops.

In the Ukraininan tradition the basket is lined with a special cloth and then filled with foods denied during Lent. These usually include paska (Easter bread), babka (sweet yeast cake), pysanky, krashanky (dyed hard boiled eggs), salt, pepper, butter, cheese, ham, sausage, horseradish, and seeds from poppies and sunflowers. The baskets are filled further with willow branches and fresh flowers before being taken to church and blessed.

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