Sunday, 22 April 2012


Usually we do not go to entertainments or dinners at night. I am very much a homebody. Recently though we have been out almost every weekend. There was a Palm Sunday concert which my husband dutifully attended because I was in the choir. We went to see Rhonda Burchmore do a solo show. We went to a concert by the Darwin Symphony orchestra. And last night we went to the ballet. I go out at least one night a week for rehearsals with my choir. And lately one of my students has scheduled tutoring for evenings. My teleconferences that are part of my studies are always at night, although I do them at home locked away in a quiet room. I am shocked that things have gone this way.

Duprada Dance Company
The ballet last night was lovely. The Duprada Dance Company performed Sleeping Beauty. The sets were beautiful and the costumes were outstanding. The costumes were hired from the Australian Ballet, and I am guessing that is where the scenery came from as well. Duprada is one of the largest semi-professional dance companies in Australia.  Some of the Duprada dancers are members of the Australian Ballet, former and present, while others are not yet so accomplished and recognised. The daughter of one of my friends toured Singapore with Duprada a few years ago and really enjoyed the master classes held there.

These costumes were worn.

I really enjoyed seeing the mix of talents on stage last night - the fumbling were there on stage with the professionals. Fat, thin, young, mature, male, female, tall, short and all skin colours dancing together for their pleasure and ours. It all seemed so personal.

Carabosse the Bad Fairy wore a costume like this.
Red feathers were at the hem. Spectacular!
No headress.

I love watching classical ballet. Like many children I had lessons as a child and performed in concerts. There were exams. Unfortunately I have absolutely no talent in this area and the teaching methods did not inspire me either.

The good fairies wore copies of these costumes.
I have tried jazz ballet, ballroom and folk dancing. I love doing folk dances. I enjoy watching dancing from other countries, both folk and classical styles. I get a thrill out of teaching folk dances to children too.

Both our children learned ballet. I really think a person learns a lot more than how to dance when they learn ballet.

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