Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday Holiday

This is Good Friday and is a public holiday here. Quite strictly kept. Many thousands of residents have gone on holiday, usually camping, because we have four wonderful days in a row. School holidays next week as well. The weather is fabulous and the great outdoors is still lush and green.

I saw a demonstration taking part in the city this morning as protesters supported the rights of immigration detainees and opposed government procedures. A march through the streets, banners, shouting, Police protection and traffic control.  It seemed a rather unfortunate decision to hold such a demo when there was no-one around to notice, but perhaps this reflects the abilities of the organisers and supporters. I am glad my life is not in their hands.

Today is a day of total relaxation for me. Well, it was after I finished the enormous pile of ironing that appeared out of nowhere. Just doing things I like.

Made a fabulous cake. No, not sharing the recipe as it is a family secret. This is a variation on the Stained Glass Fruitcake. It suits our family very well indeed.

Many delicious morning teas are ahead.

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