Monday, 23 April 2012


This is 97, aka USS Halsey.
Two Sea Hawk helicopters are on board.
It is very pretty in the city here and we go for walks before the day gets too hot. It was a bit more interesting than usually this morning.

Today we watched the USS Halsey come into port and tie up. It is rather big.

Oddly enough it was not flying the US flag and is not identified by a name on the side. It just has a big 97 painted on it.

As they steamed along we could see the crew standing on the deck. Some were in their whites, probably officers or one class of crew. They were standing at ease and looked very formal. The others were in dark blue, maybe overalls, and seemed to be working and moving about.

The Halsey is an Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer, that was commissioned in 2005. She has a rather unfortunate history involving two deaths on board and two fires.

She weighs 9 300 tons and is 155.30 m long. Her top speed is just over 30 knots. On board are 385 officers and men. Also on board are two Sea Hawk helicopters.

Some of the crew.
They have just come to Darwin from exercises with the Indian Navy near Malabar.

Luckily for all the crew they will be here for ANZAC Day on Wednesday.

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