Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wet washing hanging on the line

Do you remember that children's song?
                                   Wet washing hanging on the line
                                   Drying very quickly when the weather's fine.
This morning I was sent an email from someone suggesting that the new revolutionary home-owner might like to try hanging their washing outside on a clothesline. Yeh, right. What kind of dill does not do this except in emergencies?

Well, in some places it rains lots, like in Mareeba. In some places there is snow and ice for months on end, like in Nome. In some places people live in boxy apartments and flats with no outside spaces for drying the laundry.

We dry our clothes on small racks on our verandah. In our old house we hung the clothes under the house. Before that we used a rotary clothes hoist out in the sunshine.

And so I had a lookabout for film clips about hanging washing on the line. Do it wrong and the drying takes ages or the clothes turn out wrinkly. We did have a house guest once who managed to make the towels turn into crinkly potato chips with glass shards - or that was how it felt and looked.

And this is the result of my enquiries. I had no idea it cost so much to use a clothes dryer at home. They are so small and take so long that we only ever use ours in emergencies. Electricity here is more expensive than in other regions of Australia.

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