Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Descendants, book and film

I went to see the film "The Descendants" at the Deckchair. It is well made. Cinematography is great. Colour, costume, sound, and editing are excellent.

Here is a taste.

I had read the book. Not worth keeping. Gave it away straightaway. Hopeless Dad comes good, coming of age even at middle age. Simple story. No drama. No excitement. No anything really. Mundane.

The film is a good representation of the book, using other devices where words can not be used. I liked the realism. No beautiful people. No super cool clothes. Ordinary houses. Messy yards and gardens. Awful outdoor furniture. There is no emotional pull; heaven knows where anyone got that idea.

Why did I watch the film? It was a fundraiser for my choir. We needed to generate both money and interest in our community activities. The film had received good reviews and attracted a sizeable audience.

Would I recommend it? No. Or the book? No. Why? There are better things in life than this.

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