Friday, 11 May 2012

Difficult People

Sharks in the city
Yesterday I had some business in town, unpleasant business, but compulsory.

I had to deal with a very unpleasant woman and her employer. Fortunately for the employer she will not be returning to that workplace. The boss should have had much more common sense than to employ such a dubious professional. Possibly she played the "I am cute and cuddly" card. What a pity for her that she is too old to carry it off among women.

This toxic woman's people skills were negligible and I doubt that her English actually is of a sufficiently high standard to deal successfully with clients. Possibly the English proficiency is the reason she took so long with her university studies.

So when I went to her she mis-handled my work. What a tangled, unpredictable route she travelled, dragging me along as her victim. She failed to apologise for her mistakes, so the matter could not be fixed easily and politely. Then she ran up hundreds of dollars in expenses for her employer which he later had to absorb because I declined to pay. In the end, and only after a hot pursuit calling in the legal options available, the deposit I paid was refunded. The total loss would have been around ten thousand dollars.

The boss's people skills are a bit weak and he insulted my integrity by one particular remark. As if I would give free publicity to his company by discussing a very private matter with strangers!!! What kind of people do things like that??? Obviously people like him! Otherwise the thought would not be there! What a nasty man.

How did such a horrible man ever get to be in such a position of authority when he lacks basic interpersonal skills? He was a sneering bully in his interactions with me, and he has a multitude of strategies in his repertoire. He displayed a selection of them on a previous occasion.

Maybe he is a difficult boss too; but I do not know that and am only speculating.

Oddly enough I have come across a wonderful professional who worked in the same office. He did everything efficiently, politely, and with a very high level of competency. So it is possible to do good work in this place. Why did the employer allow such a wonderful professional to leave? Maybe, just maybe, there was a clash with levels of competency and people skills. Or a better workplace headhunted him???

Do not employ the crying child.
Employ someone who can do the job.
Anyway this ghastly woman totally messed up everything she touched in my case. She signed contracts and failed to follow them. She wrote letters and stated she would perform tasks but failed to do them. This a grown woman!!! Behaving like a spoilt four year old!!! So her boss tried to cover for her. Unfortunately this made both of them look bad. Two difficult people. Difficult and rude.

The outcome is that she has lost her job. But it would have been just a matter of time anyway. She is completely incompetent. She remains incompetent. I believe that she has  expressed any no remorse whatsoever for her actions and for the consequences of her actions.

The matter has been dealt with. Not totally resolved but finished. Such a difficult situation.

I find it hard to stand up to people who appear to have information I need. I am of the generation that was taught to respect those in authority and to be quiet. But on this occasion I stood up to be counted. I am so glad that I did. Authority and respect are not automatically rained upon anyone.

Stand up. 
Speak up. 
Be a hero. 
Earn respect for yourself.

Even if you fail this time, 
the results are still worth the effort involved.

You can be your own best friend.

You can be your own hero.

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