Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Freebies for the next Mothers Day

Now that Mothers Day is over and the thrill has passed I have been looking at how to do it next year. Maximum effect for minimum effort of course.

In the shops I see lovely cards that are really nothing more than a photo printed onto glossy photo paper. I made some like that at Christmas time for all those thank you letters and annual litanies of family activities.
Why not make Mothers Day cards at home? There are all those little old ladies out there who need a boost but have no children to fuss over them.  Some people might like the chance to remember their own mothers, step mothers, or grandmothers.

The method for making the card is extra simple.

  1. Open a word document in portrait. 
  2. Make two columns. 
  3. Set the font size on huge and scroll into the second column.
  4. Inset two pictures, leaving a blank space in between.
  5. Add a charming message that is friendly but not intrusive.
  6. Print about ten.
  7. Slice them carefully across the middle.
  8. Fold very carefully. Trim on the guillotine to make them match perfectly if your fold is a bit wonky.
  9. Check that they fit into standard envelopes. They will, unless you bought the wrong size.
  10. Very carefully write on the back, "Handmade by XYZ in Moscow" using your own details.

This could be cropped of framed easily.

In an emergency a bundle of these can be gift wrapped as a farewell or birthday prezzie.

This is a present that gives twice, or even more than that. You have the pleasure of making something. You give a bundle of notecards. The recipient then uses them to connect with another person.

These photos are either my own or from clip art collections. You are welcome to use them.

This is a Wollemi pine, very rare as they have no seeds whatsoever.


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