Friday, 18 May 2012

Kingfishers where I live

Strong beak. Brown and white colours.
Big head and small body.
Sits upright for balance.
We do not get the usual kookaburras here, but we do get northern kingfishers which are closely related.

King + fisher = a bigger bird that eats fish

Kookaburras eat small animals of different types including insects, lizards, and fish. Kingfishers actually have a varied diet as well as fish.

Northern Kingfisher
Smaller bird and has blue on the wings.
The birds I see usually have some brown as well.
Cairns and Far North Queensland get lots of the really blue kingfishers. This photo was taken in Cairns.

Professional photographers enjoy coming here to capture images of the birds. Kakadu and  Litchfield, National Parks are popular. Even amateurs cannot miss.

The following video was taken at Fogg Dam just a short drive out of town. Fogg Dam was the water supply for the failed rice growing project. Now there are ducks, geese, egrets, cormorants, kingfishers, jabiru, spoonbills, frogs, snakes, crocodiles, and heaps of other living treasures. (I think this film is not actually Fogg Dam but just nearby.)

You can see the kingfisher clearly. It does not laugh like a  kookaburra. Clean air. Plenty of space. Green all year. The local tourist place is called Window on the Wetlands.

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