Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lies, bullies, cheats and even more lies

Don't you hate it when someone tells lies that damage your reputation? 
Has it ever happened to you?
Have you been a victim?
Have you worked alongside someone who profits from this?

Well, it has happened to me several times. I think I must have a huge neon sign above me that says, "This person is a sucker and you can say and do anything because she does not fight back."

The lessons of our childhood culture stay with us forever. "Ignore the bullies." "Turn your back." "Shrug it off." But in the end it does not work. The bullies continue and even get better at their bad behaviour. Practice makes perfect. 

It has happened again. And follows as a consequence of a previous encounter. What follows next is  accurate and true. These are my genuine thoughts that I am sharing. Some of it can not be proven because it happened in words not photos or pieces of paper. To dispute it would be one person's word against another's. And we all know how convincing bullies can be. That is their stock in trade after all.

A school principal whom I had the extreme misfortune to work alongside, told some ghastly lies to enhance her own position. And yes, I have definitely worked with more than one female school principal. I can guarantee that not all principals are vicious; some are fabulous to work with and my job was an absolute pleasure at those times.

I have reluctantly decided to delete the details here, to protect my family and what remains of my reputation.  I do not wish to be dragged through the court system over my comments, but I have a list (now deleted from this post) of fifteen occasions when she deliberately told lies to make herself appear either important or powerful. I know and her victims know what she has done. There are so many victims in this story.

This woman has extremely twisted ethics.

On one occasion she turned up unannounced at my home when I was very ill having chemotherapy for cancer. I was inspected like a case of fruit or some unusual specimen for her entertainment. Obnoxious behaviour.

Why do employers reward liars and cheats and see their behaviour as leadership?  Is it because others recommend this type of behaviour? It is workplace bullying. It is counter-productive to an effective set of relationships in the work environment.

Now in an effort to get this dreadful woman away from schools to a position where she will not be able to cast such a bad influence over children, she is being promoted to an office job. So the liar is rewarded for being a bully and a cheat. Demoted one day. Promoted the next day. What is happening here?

But what help is there for all her victims????? What help is there for me in particular? Her vicious attacks have damaged my reputation.

There is no way I want to pay a fortune in legal fees so she can simply tell more lies. Because that is exactly what she would do. She has become an expert in this field.

So ... will I be told this is libel and defamatory? Will I be told to prove every sentence? It is my sincere belief that all I have said here is true. Many of the events were personally witnessed by me. The others were passed on to me with the claim that they are indeed true, and I have encountered corroborating evidence. At no time have I written today anything that I think could even possibly be untrue.

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