Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Garden

When we lived in a house in the suburbs we had a huge garden, rainforest style, well actually tropical woodland forest. But it got to the point where it was too much to maintain. It was no longer a pleasure.
We made two potplants of this Happy Plant,
But neither has flowered in their new home yet.

These bromeliads flowered just after Christmas.
Tough as old boots.

Over the years we had grown vegetables, herbs, and fruit. These need a lot of sun and also moving air to combat pest invasion. Then we grew big shady trees to keep the house cool. Palms and ferns. And so forth.

Now we live in a small flat in the central area of the city and we have a verandah for a few potplants. Or should that be potted plants. I tried growing herbs last year, but found it was not worth the trouble. We eat very simply. The strong Wet Season winds shredded the foliage of most of our pampered plants. Those we could handle came inside. Plants cried. We cried. It was horrible to see what happened to the poor things. Here we go again with the Dry Season.

In real life this looks quite lush, 
The cycads are each more than a metre wide.
One is taller than I am.

The huge euphorbia must be kept no taller than this or it droops. Looks silly then.

These plants struggle along next to the air conditioner. But it looks marvellous from inside the rooms.

I have several of these and they thrive under even the harshest conditions. It makes a few twigs and a flower into a bouquet or arrangement. Then the pieces become new potplants.

Yes there are lots more plants, some wonderful and some less so. But they probably deserve better photographs too.

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