Thursday, 10 May 2012


Some days I try harder than others. Some tasks get more effort than others. OK, we could not survive under different circumstances. And setting priorities in our lives is hard, often wrong, and can even defeat us if we make big errors of judgement. The opposite is also true.

Today I have a horrible task to do. I can not stop before the end of this job. It will take far too long and I have been putting it off for months. I must oil a huge chest of drawers. It is beautiful to touch and is made of red cedar. My father had it made for me forty years ago. But it must, must, must be cared for properly. So today I can put it off no longer. I will get dirty and smelly and oily. My clothes will get oil on them no matter how hard I try. The wall will possibly get a bit of oil on it too. Thank goodness for this poster.


Maybe afterwards I will deserve a chocolate!

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