Monday, 21 May 2012

Quiet holidays

Zoos where you may handle some of the animals
provide wonderful experiences.
My husband needs to go to Maroochydore for a conference connected to the work he does. I will tag along this time and we will have short holiday. This fits in nicely with my work schedule.  If we are going such a long way, then the opportunity is too good to waste.

Do you like holidays?

Believe it or not, I actually do not enjoy going to a different place and having to find things to do to fill the time. I prefer to be busy and organised. The thought of just sitting in a bar and chatting fills me with dread. Lying on a beach reading a book is dull.

I enjoy being at home. This is where my life is. I am surrounded by the things I like and the memories I cherish.  Evidence of love and devotion. Experiences. Connections.

But I have been on lots of holidays, just not as many as most people who live around here.
Market tour
prior to some cooking lessons.

I have tried lots of different holiday activities. I have been swimming, snorkelling, hiking, and whitewater rafting. We have had holidays with family and holidays overseas.

I have cruised, driven, flown, soared, ridden, and hiked.

I have climbed volcanoes and descended into caverns. Ridden underwater streams.

Visiting art galleries, museums, and historic places are my favourite things to do. But anything to do with rocks is wonderful too.

An interesting museum in New Zealand
In a National Park near Sydney
Amphibious ducks
make great tour vehicles.
I have taken myriad lessons in sewing, card games, languages, geography, dancing, cooking, and art.

The most disappointing was probably travelling in a hot air balloon in the desert around Alice Springs.

We had our own butler here.
I have stayed in remote mountain villages, flash hotels, camping sites, and palaces.

I enjoy this style of street sculpture.
Darwin is a holiday destination for many people and they spend an enormous amount of time, money, and effort just to get here.

I am happy to have holidays right here at quite a low cost to me. I can definitely afford the accommodation. There are wartime sites, nearly National Parks, walking and cycling trails, and good places to eat.

What do you do on your vacations?

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