Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Today my shining star is a little tarnished.

A much loved family member is moving into a hospice in Brisbane and has decided not to endure further treatment. His decline has been rapid and unexpected. Frightening.  Horribly painful. Completely out of the blue. So young for this dreadful condition.

But on the positive side he has demonstrated great courage in the way he has handled everything. Believe it or not he waited until his daughter had gone to work on Monday to phone for help. He must have known over the weekend that he was no longer able to swallow but he hid it from her family completely. Such fatherly concern for others at such a ghastly time for himself. So protective and sweet.

So like other family members we have been asked to visit. Four days drive or five hours flying. We do not have four days. The time for cards and gifts is now finished. Time to make good on promises.

Late last night my husband finished arranging the airfares and accommodation. This morning I missed the plane. And slithered home disgracefully.

Is there a positive side to missing the plane?
I am trying to be as resilient as possible. Rearranged the accommodation quite easily. Rearranged the washing and ironing schedule to take advantage of the extra time at home. Rearranged my study schedule.

Trying to see the funny side of using the budget carrier.
          Yes, love those snug seats that mean no-one climbs out to go to the toilet or to chat with friends.
          Yes, love that opportunity to do some knitting on my circular needles.
          Yes, love the babies with ear problems because that is not my family.
          Yes, a trip away is still a trip away.
          Yes, love sitting behind the curry eaters. What a hoot!
          Yes, five hours is better than twenty hours to London.
          Yes, love sitting close to the smelly drunks because I know that I do not smell quite as bad.

No matter how bad I think my situation is, it is nowhere near as bad as that facing my brother-in-law. Resilient to the end. I hope I learn to face life's challenges with such bravery and courage.

Feel free to use these photos. I took some and the others are from clip art. The hydrangea makes a good screensaver.

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