Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sour and twisted outlook on life.

I am not young. Not old yet. Just in the middle of life. The following things I have learned from bitter experience. You might find something here to think about. You do not have to agree with the way I think. I make lots of lists like this one.

Everything I need to know I learned from
a bitter and twisted old lady.

1.       Trust your own judgement totally.
2.       You are entitled to make snap decisions if you want.
3.       Do not trust anyone else completely.
4.      Be honest.
5.       Wear non-iron clothes.
6.      Don’t play with your food.
7.       Never pick your nose.
8.      Never bite your nails.
9.      Clean your teeth before you go to bed.
10.    Always drive carefully.
11.     Never go to sleep with make-up or dirt on your face.
12.    Neatness counts.
13.    Good table manners are essential.
14.    Education does change the world.
15.    Feed your soul as well as your body.
16.    The meek are not going to inherit the Earth.
17.    No-one else really gives a damn about you so you had better look after and look out for yourself really well.
18.    Popularity counts for nothing in the long term.
19.   When the going gets tough switch off all feeling and work hard.
20.    There is no dishonour attached to being unemployed.
21.   The word revenge exists for a reason.
22.    Beauty is as much a gift as sporting ability.
23.   The pursuit of knowledge is worthwhile for its own sake.
24.    Have courage, but let other people get away with nothing.
25.   Sex is as much a part of life as eating and breathing.
26.   Love is blind.
27.   Love does not have to be logical.
28.   Sometimes some people decide not to feel or generate love.
29.    When people are in love they are least likely to make wise decisions about anything, particularly whom to marry.
30.    You can choose not to associate with some people if you wish.
31.    There are good and bad people of all countries, races and beliefs. You may not have met them all yet so only judge individuals.
32.   Everyone gets one life. No-one is entitled to two – their own and yours.
33.    There is no guarantee that you will like members of your own family.
34.  Forgive your parents for every offence you perceive. You are not perfect either.
35.   Children are works in progress so do not expect them to be completely finished.
36.    There is nothing dirty, bad or nasty about any baby or young animal.
37.   Very few people can tell the difference between a fake smile and a genuine one.
38.   The human body makes noises, but only the foolish make a fuss about that.
39.  It is wise to know everything you can about handling money and to practise it.
40.    People who say cars are sexy have a very kinky idea of how to have sex. Avoid these people.
41.   Doctors are people who have passed exams and tests. They are not necessarily the best people to do that job.
42.   Avoid going to the doctor unless you already know what is the matter and what you want to do about it.
43.  The only purposes of religion are to stop people taking responsibility for their actions and to provide rituals and ceremonies.
44.   War is part of human nature.
45.   There is no such thing as a totally good or a totally bad person.
46.  Everyone makes many mistakes in life.
47.   It is not possible for justice to exist on a world-wide scale but the pursuit of justice is always worthwhile.
48.   Life is not fair – bad things happen to good people.
49.  We do not get what we deserve. We just get.

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