Friday, 25 May 2012

Travel with Dick and Dora

Who are Dick and Dora?
They are fictional characters in a reading series by Fred Schonell, used in Australia in the 60s and 70s. The scheme was based on a phonic approach and while the content is now outdated the basic method was excellent.

Dick and Dora could be you and me. Simple adventures. Simple expression. Complex background.
I am neither Dick nor Dora, but I felt like I was in a child's book as I travelled.

I travelled yesterday by plane, bus, ferry, and car. Lost the luggage once, but located it eventually.

Used my Seniors card to get a discount on the ferry.

Crazy bus driver flirting with ditsy female passengers was infuriating, especially when he missed one stop and had to retrace his route substantially. He was completely oblivious to the calling and shouting by another passenger who tried to set him on a better path. Hate that.

Plane sector continued to live up to its reputation.
Managed to share a row with a hugely obese mother and her small daughter. Yes, some people really are too big to use the tray table on planes because it is unable to be lowered past the chest. Yes, a wider seat is created by folding away the arm rests.Yes, she needed to climb in and out of her seat to get something from her bag in the roof rack; a rather difficult process. Yes, some people are illiterate in English and can not read the menu to know what food to purchase. Yes, dear fellow travellers, a small child with poor English and apparently delayed speech actually can prattle away for about five hours to a stranger.
It was a valuable experience in many ways. Firstly I had sympathy for the child who is missing out on many wonderful opportunities because her mother cannot read in English. Then the child is not learning a healthy lifestyle, and this I learned from all the chatter. Secondly I felt sorry for the mother who obviously has many psychological problems and is unable to deal with them effectively. She needs to learn to read so she can live more happily in Australia. Her conversation did not actually make sense either for much of the time. I am sure she loves her child, and she is entitled to have a child but she needs a lot of help and support that obviously is not happening right now. Perhaps the situation will improve once the little girl starts school.

On a the positive side however, the day was a raging success. Overcame obstacles. Visited my brother-in-law. Met new family members. Did new and exciting things. Staying in a comfortable motel near all the facilities I could need.

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