Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wonderful architechure

Is your home an architectural masterpiece?

Part of our old house, nestled among the forest.
It curves around and around.
Well our last home was rather stunning.  Forward thinking architects had worked wonders on a very basic box-shaped dwelling. So much space and freedom. Cool and comfortable. We sold it after 30 fabulous years.

Dramatic change of lifestyle and living conditions. 

Now we live in an icecube in a tall block in the middle of the CBD. You know the type. Tall white building. Heavy dependence on electricity. Most dwellings in the building have the same floor plan. Difficult to alter, although not impossible. Some good neighbours, but quite a few shockers. Yes indeed, we certainly hear when other people flush the toilet, use the shower, slam the door, and use an alarm clock. These are not annoying actually, but the comforting sounds of life. Real life. Not the stuff in novels and films.

I love looking at other people's homes, learning how they live.

This shoots off at a tangent and sometimes I gaze longingly at all sorts of buildings. Edwardian style and Arts and Crafts appeal to me a great deal. Old buildings, historic places, other cultures.

I found some fabulous photos.

Why would anyone want these?

Who would want to construct them?
How are they used?
What are the plumbing issues?
Is heating and cooling easy or expensive?
How do you get big appliances in and out? Like fridges? Or big beds?
What happens to them in 80 years?

Most of these pictures come from the one website.

This is also well worth a visit.

Look at these slides.

Are you in a hurry to get out of the building? Fire alarm?

Do you need to be taken to the hospital on a guerney? Fast?

How about taking the children to school when you are a bit rushed?

What about emptying the rubbish bins?
And bringing home the groceries?

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