Sunday, 10 June 2012

2012 Glenti in Darwin

Keep up the good work, Evan.
This weekend is the Glenti here in Darwin.
This is the biggest cultural festival held in the Northern Territory and is a celebration of Greek culture. The Glenti is held in Bicentennial Park nowadays, but was originally held in the grounds of the Greek Orthodox church. About 30 000 people will probably attend at some time over the two day festival. Of course you do not have to have Greek heritage to enjoy the Glenti!
It is vibrant, colourful, hectic, complicated, fun, and relaxing all at once.

The profits are donated to a different charity each year, with this year's beneficiary being Total Recreation which provides sport and recreation for handicapped and disabled people.

Over the years many Greek people have come to Darwin to live, with a new wave coming now that Greece is in big financial difficulties. The Glenti is a chance for Greek people to share with the general community and for barriers to be reduced. We are very proud that in the Northern Territory people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds mix and work together successfully.

Multiply this by 100
Tons of octopus, lamb, and chicken will be cooked and sold to the hungry crowds. Three tonnes of octopus was cooked last year and four tonnes of lamb has been ordered for this year.

There are Greek drinks, together with Australian beer, for sale at the bar. Greek coffee is sold and many people enjoy it with some delicious Greek pastries like baklava or vanilla slice. Other Greek sweets are available, mostly locally made.
Of course the favourite is honey puffs.

This year extra support was provided by the Department of Corrections and the inmates enjoyed constructing some super special cooking facilities. Things are on a big big scale for the Glenti. Learn new skills and help the community.

Families can sit in the tents to eat or spread out on the lawns of Bicentennial Park. I really enjoyed my lamb yiros as I watched the sunset.

Entertainment is imported from all over Australia. Excellent compares keep the show rolling at a good pace.
Evan and Jimmy are local lads but really outgoing and great at this job.

A sideshow alley keeps youngsters busy. This year I saw a jumping castle, three reverse bungees, ping pong clowns, a small train ride, a fast spinning scream-and-thrill ride, and two shooting galleries. Open the wallets Mum and Dad.
Dora the Explorer and her troop of children's entertainers were doing a great job when we were there.

This year I saw Maria Stavropoulou perform, a rather sizzling entertainer. There are other singers and an imported band. After-parties will beheld at local pubs.

And the Greek traditional dancing!! Always fabulous. In costume of course.

This video clip takes a while to get started but sets the scene well.

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