Monday, 4 June 2012

Home again

I am home again. Thankful for a loving family. Thankful for the fruits of many years' labour. Thankful for friends. Thankful for a life in a safe country. Thankful for the adventure.

A much loved family member is now in a hospice. He has cancer in his throat but is otherwise very healthy. So family and friends have been visiting. It is sad to see such a young person facing the end of his life but he has shown incredible courage.

I noticed that when his daughter was present he was cheerful and optimistic and positive and entertaining. Without her he was obviously in great pain, weak, and apprehensive.

So off I went and had the adventure.

First I missed the plane and had to try again. Bussed directly from the airport to the motel. Walked. Ferried. Looked and window shopped. Bought. Met family. Visited. Tagged along with others to see new things and places. The weather changed. Bought more clothes. Changed plans. Made mistakes. Trained. Motel again. Flew home. Landed in the loving arms of my most wonderful husband.

Feel good again. I learned a lot.

No, not my family, but somebody's family.
Not sure of the date or the place.
I know I am thankful it is not me.

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