Monday, 25 June 2012


Over the weekend we went to another festival, this time India@Mindil.

This festival is organised by the Indian people who live in Darwin, specifically the Indian Cultural Society of the Northern Territory.

Of course people of Indian heritage live in most countries, and some have come to Darwin from countries I do not expect to hear about. My husband has an Indian friend who comes from Guyana. Another Indian friend comes from Russia. People here mix together really well and there are no ghettoes. Intermarriage is common. We are all Australians.

India@Mindil attracted about 12 000 people this year, a good crowd for the location by the beach.

I am guessing that there were thirty food stalls set up selling freshly prepared authentic Indian food. There were some wonderful dinners available. I certainly enjoyed my chick peas and spinach with yellow rice. Indian beer was also available, but quickly sold out.

Lots of families took their food down to the beach to enjoy as the sun set and lit the sky.

Indian fabrics and crafts were for sale as well as Indian grocery items.

Usually there are lots of folk dancers in fabulous costumes presenting traditional culture.

This year it was more modern, with rock bands singing Indian songs, and a massive Bollywood style entertainment. A huge crowd established themselves in the best possible positions to enjoy it all. The performances were a real credit to everyone involved.

If you get an opportunity to enjoy Indian foods, dancing, music, and crafts then get yourself there. It is colourful, vibrant, and sounds beautiful.

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