Friday, 22 June 2012

Some people are not very nice!!!

Some people are good.
Some people are foolish.
Some people are eccentric.
And some people are not at all nice!!!

I know I am not particularly good or nice or clever or kind. I can be rude and unpleasant. I hope I am just generally eccentric. I do try to be the right sort of person usually, but trying does not always work.

I read this story and feel it is definitely worth sharing. It seems to me to be about someone who thought she was good, then showed herself to be foolish, and generally defined herself as not nice at all. Maybe it is about a married couple who are not at all compatible.

The story comes from the Westside News, a local newspaper from near Ipswich in Queensland. The journalist is Emily Crane. I have paraphrased her article, but the important bits are exactly as she wrote them.

*****A dog was returned to the RSPCA in Queensland a week after being adopted because the new owner said that the dog drooled.

Jethro the dog with Michael Beatty from the RSPCA.
Courtesy of Quest Newspapers.
Jethro was adopted by a Brisbane couple after seeing a photo of him in a local newspaper on June 13 this year. Jethro, with a Biblical name indicating his fine personality, is a bloodhound great dane cross. It is not too hard to imagine his size, food bill,  exercise requirements, and habits if you know very much about dogs.

Just five days later this lovely pooch, Jethro, was returned to the shelter, because of his drooling!!! Said RSPCA spokesperson, Michael Beatty, "Last week he was sadly returned to the RSPCA Wacol Animal Care Campus because his new family thought he slobbered too much. The husband was very upset but said his wife had put her foot down and said it was either her or Jethro who had to go."

Jethro's profile has now been relisted on the RSPCA's 'Adopt a Pet' website with the comment that 'his drooling is all part of his charm'.

The RSPCA spokesperson stated, "There is no truth in the rumour that he told RSPCA staff that he would really rather have surrendered his wife." *****

Dogs drool.
Dogs are loyal.
Dogs smile a lot.
Dogs like to chase things.
Dogs like to swim.
Dogs eat weird things sometimes.
Dogs follow you around, even into the bathroom if you are not quick enough.
Dogs shed hair.
Dogs shake water everywhere after a bath.
Dogs scratch wooden floors.
Dogs bark.
Dogs bury treasures.
Dogs need walks.
Dogs defecate and you have to collect it for disposal.
Dogs are easily bored.
Dogs have sharp claws that wreck car upholstery.
Dogs jump on people.
Dogs slobber.

But, most of all,
  dogs like people.

It is very easy to love a dog.
Living with the mess is just like living with a mean and stupid wife, I expect.

What a shame that even some adults in this country do not know these simple facts.

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