Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Transit of Venus

Today is The Big Day because it is the Transit of Venus. 

There is to be a gathering in a park near my home where some astronomers will assist interested people to view part of this great event.

The transit last occurred in 2004 but will not happen again until 2117.

Opthamologists warn that staring directly at the sun can cause profound but initially painless eye damage. Even looking at the sun through welding glasses does not offer enough protection.
Scientists have gathered in Alice Springs in the hope of getting a good view. At this time of the year NT skies are usually cloud-free or very close to that. We are very hopeful here.

Here is some links to an explanation of the transit of Venus.

My link with the event centres around Captain James Cook the remarkable sea captain who travelled the world in the eighteenth century. In 1770 he was to observe the transit of Venus in the Pacific. This was the first time so many European countries cooperated for a scientific purpose. Actually at the time several of these countries were at war with each other, so the cooperation was even more remarkable. Captain Cook mapped the east coast of Australia which eventually led to me living here. So I guess that would be four degrees of separation.

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