Sunday, 22 July 2012

Annoying behaviour

Why is it that these days we see so many children behaving as miniature tyrants? And parents behaving as slaves? 

What has happened to our society? 

What are the values of these girls?
Are they texting and bullying when we are not looking?
How would we know
unless we are victims or co-conspirators?
I acknowledge that there have been some horrible parents through history who have treated their children very badly indeed. And others who have treated other people's children appallingly. And this seems to continue in some places. Adults are not always treated very nicely in some cultures, and children are far down the line.

Standards have changed in our society and this is for the benefit of children in general. But when did we cross that invisible line? When did the adults lose their position of genuine respect and start behaving as servants rather than carers?

I read the following article and admit that this behaviour is quite common where I live. The article is four pages long, but this should start you off in the right direction.

Are these children basically any different from
the group of girls at the top?
The model of behaviour that we as children were taught has disappeared to be replaced with selfish behaviour. Is it the children, the school system, the creches, the parents, the experts who have no permanent ownership, or is it the media? Who encouraged and supported this change? What happened?

How can we get back the genuine delight that many people have in children?

Will these poorly behaved children grow up to be the types who graffiti public spaces, attack innocent bystanders, abuse taxi drivers, commit assaults on family members, and become the scourge of our country?

Or will they become model citizens helping the needy and solving the horrors of the world with no thought of personal reward?

Is the solution in public education like Jo Frost and Super Nanny? Is the solution in the hands of drug companies who market supplies of sedatives? Are we each as individuals doing enough?

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