Saturday, 21 July 2012


We walked down to the harbour this morning to see the Duyfken which sailed in last night. This is a reproduction of course! Michael went on board the last time it was in port. The ship is so very small. I looked at it and just thought of the dangers and fears those sailors faced.

Here are some links about the ship.

Here is a link that talks about Willem Janz much better than I could.

I was lucky and learned about the exploration of Australia when I was in primary school. These days children are not so fortunate because the school day is filled with different things.

The timber of the ship is grey in colour now because it is weathered. The paintwork on the front and stern was in excellent condition. This morning the crew were out on a pontoon having breakfast. There seemed to be no glass in the portholes. This morning the sea is a bit rough and all the boats and ships were bobbing energetically. It must be rough as can be out on the ocean. 
How incredibly brave the original sailors were - no real maps as we know them, no idea of what they might find, a dubious future.

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