Friday, 13 July 2012

Efudix cream happiness

I am in the middle of a love-hate relationship with Efudix cream. I love the result but hate the process. 

Every adult living in a sunny climate knows Efudix cream. It is used to treat mild sun cancers. It can be used for solar keratoses of course, but if you want to get rid of something worse then you use the cream twice a day for as many days as you can bear. Sometimes it is two weeks, sometimes longer. For more advanced sun cancers there are other treatments. Efudix is much better for me than liquid nitrogen or having excisions, although it takes longer. There is usually no scarring.

I have been treating just one side of my face and found that the area around my lips is sun-damaged. Sensitive, red, swollen area. I knew that the nose was crummy and an area on my cheek, but had not expected my lips to respond so loudly to the cream. Have even resorted to paracetamol. At the same time I am very bad tempered, probably a side effect of the cream.

Yes, the instructions say very clearly not to use Efudix on the lip area, but I do not want to lose my lips to skin cancer thank you very much. So of course I am doing this. There are no other choices.

I will now have to stop treating the lip zone and concentrate on my cheek and nose.

Thank you to my forebears for the skin type and for the need to live in a warm place. Tricky combination.

Test of character.

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