Thursday, 19 July 2012

Free study help

I work as a professional tutor. I have formal university qualifications and more than thirty years of experience as a teacher in schools. Nowadays I work solely with adults.

I find that some people actually do not know what it means to be a student. I have been in the same boat myself and I empathise with these students.

Wanting a qualification is not enough. Wanting to succeed will not make it happen. You know that saying about "If you can dream it you can do it", well it is simply not true. You need to act. You need to do.

If you find yourself enrolled in a course of study, the very first thing you need need need to do is to make a schedule or timetable that will allow you to do some work on your course every day. How much time each day? Start small with 15 minutes. Try that first.

Let me help you to achieve that elusive goal. We can be a team, a small team. Confidential if you like.

Let's try 15 minutes every morning while the family is still in bed. Try it for 10 days. I will do the same and we will catch up and compare notes.

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