Saturday, 7 July 2012

Territory Day Fireworks

Recently we celebrated Territory Day. July 1.
This commemorates the day when the Northern Territory became self-governing. We are not yet a state. Instead of a Governor we have an Administrator. Our laws may be overturned by the Commonwealth.

The Northern Territory is the only area in Australia where private citizens may purchase and set off fireworks. The shops are set up and advertise heavily. Then for just one day the purchases may be made. And we take full advantage of it, just this one day of the year.

Well, nearly. Yes, there are still fireworks being exploded every night where I live, and a week has passed since the big day. And actually there were quite a few sold on a black market in the week preceding Territory Day.

The most popular sites are the beaches and reserves. A huge public display is held at Mindil Beach in Darwin each year.

These professional shots are fabulous
and you can see the name of the photographer.

It has been a lively time.

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