Friday, 27 July 2012

Trying patchwork

The word trying has several meanings.
I am trying to make some patchwork quilts.
I have attempted this in the past with limited success. For me the hardest part is the quilting itself.

These above were all made by other people. They are truly lovely and have taken many hours of concentration. You can see that I admire simple geometric shapes and very simple designs.

I have made several using
Aboriginal print fabrics.

These are past attempts of mine. There have been others. We decided to make a quilt for the first new baby in each family. So my sister's great granddaughter was the first. Some large, some small. The smallest was for a friend's granddaughter, and seemed to be the right size for changing nappies while travelling. 

Now I have a really wonderful sewing machine I should be able to do better.

I quite like the idea of a jelly roll quilt. There are several different methods for making these, but all are simpler than getting the patches to line up perfectly. If you look carefully you can see the fabulous quilting.

I have noticed that patchwork and quilting seems to be popular with women who have a talent for maths. Perhaps my maths will improve soon.

I do not attempt to make money from this blog. It is just for some enjoyment.I am thrilled that other people read my blog. Not everyone chooses to be followers and I read other blogs on the same basis too. Perhaps if you read this you would like to leave a comment just to show where you are from.

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