Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Please hold. Please wait. Please ...

I am not quite a happy camper at the moment ... and it is a very long moment.

Yesterday we had to go out. Just two little old pensioners needing to go down to the car park in our building.

We pay the body corporate fees. The body corporate managers are several blocks away and largely uncooperative as far as the owners and residents are concerned. The building manager is also the manager of the hotel that occupies some of the building. Lovely case of crossed purposes.

So we go to the lifts. We wait. Whoops!! The buttons are not working. We press on them anyway. No Lift arrives. We wait. Some lift noise is heard, but no arrivals. We wait. We phone reception. The  receptionist replies as if we are from another planet. She says she knows nothing about the lifts not functioning. She appears to be the victim of a total lobotomy. We wait a little longer.

Then we walked down the 67 flights of stairs. Yes, 67. Three for each floor and one extra at the bottom. If the steps don't get you, then the corners will.

A few steps.

When I eventually calm down I will mention to the reception staff that they have a job to do that includes being informed about the building. Brain dead idiots!!!! With apologies to the real brain dead. Why employ people who are incapable of working?

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