Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pouch for keys

I actually finished a craft project. On the same day as I started!

I made a pouch to hold the piles of keys that live in my handbag. I need to be able to grab the correct keys quickly and without fuss.

See the writing from the dreaded conference bag.
The blue beads are several different shades and sizes.
I already had some beads and  some scraps of fabric and batting. Blue beads to coordinate with blue fabric. Light coloured lining so I can find the correct keys.

I cut the fabric into pieces approximately 25cm long and 17 cm wide. I did not want a seam at the base. Looking at the finished product, it could be a bit narrower but I still need to be able to reach inside. The finished height seems big but it sits in my handbag in a way that nothing else should fall in.

I joined the batting scraps and quilted that to the blue cotton fabric. Love that new walking foot! Then I sewed the side seams. I made the lining to match from a scrap from a discarded conference bag. It is annoying to accumulate these bags and a project to use some of the fabric was welcome.

To make the base I folded the corners to form triangles and simply stitched  across, 2 centimetres back from the point.

Then I joined right sides together and sewed around the top.

Finished pouch.
It stands upright thanks to the quilting.
No seam at the bottom. Decorated.
As the work was now completely inside-out I unpicked a small section on one side seam of the lining and pulled the the quilted part through. Then I stitched the gap closed.

The pouch was fine but needed some embellishment.  This is the era of bling.  I attached a row of beads around the top. This helps the pouch sit without curling. It also holds it open. I attached some small rings to the lining to attach keys. Next time I would attach these horizontally not vertically. Live and learn.

A finishing touch was a tassel made of beads.

Bingo by jingo, the pouch holds all my keys and sits well in my handbag.

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