Monday, 6 August 2012

Smelly, sweaty, gasp!

I live in the tropics. It is not extremely hot but everyone perspires. Not everyone bathes every day. Result? Some people do smell very strongly. Obviously not everyone notices the smell of perspiration. I do. Often.

Why do some people neglect personal hygiene? Is it neglect?

Not everyone has the same cultural expectation that daily bathing is desirable. Or teeth cleaning. Or hair brushing. Or using toilets. Or changing clothes. Or wearing clean clothing.
Yes, it varies widely.

I recall my father's smell after a hard day's work and the notion that this was an appropriate smell indicating honest labour. Our family did not find it distasteful at that time. I remember my mother using a product called Odorono. My husband and I use a daily antiperspirant. We share. It is irritating that it marks my husband's shirts and the marks can not be removed.

Not everyone has the same access to bathrooms, privacy, toiletries, storage of personal items, or even housing. Some people actively choose to live or camp in the open rather than indoors. Yes, this happens in big cities too. Some people spend their money in a way that does not allow for accommodation. No home, no bathroom, no place to keep toiletries. If your home is crowded with many residents then there may be no private  place to put your personal possessions such as toiletries.

On the other hand some people do not wish to use soap or toothpaste or shampoo or deodorant. Their choice.

Here is an interesting article about deodorants and antiperspirants in the USA. I had no idea that these products had been available for such a long time.

I have some pictures here of deodorant and antiperspirant advertisements. I copied them from the internet as a piece of research. I think the brands are obvious so that should acknowledge ownership of the images. There is no way I could know who created these works of commercial art.

This man oddly has no hair in his armpits.
It might help with effectiveness of deodorants
but it looks strange to me.

Fabio was a favourite model in the days of
Mills and Boon romance novels.

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