Monday, 13 August 2012

The Joys of Shopping

I have done rather a lot of shopping lately, due in part to our house guest from New York. She is an anthropologist and has been living near Yirrkhala. Her husband's job involves living in other countries for half a year at a time. Well travelled international traveller. So we hit the shops, all types of interesting colourful shops.

Who can resist a second hand bookstore? Not me. Or a market stall covered in old books? Not me. Do I imagine I am the great bargain hunter? The discoverer of hidden dreams? Of course. Of course. The armchair traveller. The armchair detective.

I bought three books which look as if the mainstream may have missed something fascinating.

This book about Changi experiences in World War II appealed to me because my father had been in Changi. He rarely spoke of his experiences. Families had been instructed never to ask, so we let if die with and within him. Treatment of trauma cases has changed over the years. Since his death I have read a few books on the topic of World War II experiences in the Pacific region. This book is old, not particularly wonderful, but a treasure for my heart. Diary of Anne Frank? Well, we all read that at school. A young girl who knows so little about Life and the forces beyond our control. Here is another, similar but not so well known. People are so resilient, so courageous. I peeked at the photos and was relieved to see that the author lived a long and fruitful life. Soon I will relax with a cuppa and discover more.

I really enjoy the television show Bones, where the good guys always win and the baddies are caught. Kathy Reichs is a real forensic anthropologist. She started writing books about someone like herself and one was the inspiration for the television series Bones. If you read through the credits you will see that she is a consultant for the show. The character nicknamed Bones is a version of Kathy Reichs. Yes, I have read some of the Bones books before. Yes, they are not all to my taste. But I feel the greed to try again. The books are not like the TV show which is short and punchy. The books interweave several story threads and pull you into a foreign experience. This will be fun and relaxing to read.

Then comes my most interesting find. What a cover! What an idea! So fascinating, so foreign, so colourful. The recipe book actually comes from a restaurant in Chicago which is simply called The Bengal Lancers. So I fooled myself. If it looks too good to be true, then it usually is. Ah, well. Nevertheless, the recipes look tasty and I will be exploring some soon. We are a curry loving couple, my Dear One and me.

Fun, relaxation. Dreams of far away places.

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