Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Chocolate and Coconut Bread

I made a stunning loaf of chocolate and coconut bread. I used my bread machine. The whole event was very easy. Just put everything in, starting with the liquids. Give a little stir. Set and forget. Come back four hours later and eat.

This makes a 1kg loaf. I used the Sweet setting for my machine.

                          330ml water
                          2 tablespoons coconut milk
                          3 Tablespoons oil
                          1 teaspoon salt
                          2 Tablespoons sugar
                          4 cups bread flour
                          2 Tablespoons cocoa
                          2 tablespoons powdered milk
                          1/2 cup dessicated coconut
                          2 sachets yeast

The result is quite a tall loaf, with lots of coconut throughout. One sachet of yeast might have been enough. If you want to add glace cherries then put them in after the flour.

I taste tested, of course. Then I sliced the loaf and froze bags of two slices ready for some indulgent breakfasts with good coffee.

This photo is actually from kitchenetteblog.com because I do not have a photo of my bread.
My slices are about three times this size and the bread is light like bread not cakey.

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