Saturday, 22 September 2012

Finally finished

Hurrah! Hurrah! The two quilts are completely finished and ready to go.

Little Ned and Alby are too tiny to go home yet and so are enjoying the hospital special care nursery for a while longer. These sweet babies were each less than 2 kilos when born. Such risks and dangers for small babies. I hope they will soon be able to lie on these quilts and kick their legs.

I have met the mother once I think, and possibly the father. My husband volunteers two days a week at the workplace of the mother and they know each other well. The family is a rather romantic tale. Two scientists meet at work and fall in love. They married last year. He transferred to a different workplace. This year babies appeared. All so conservative and traditional.
The size of the quilts was determined by some art gallery fabric we already had. It was marbled at an Aboriginal Centre near our old house. We simply split it in half.

This is the fabric on the back of both quilts.
Only the quilting itself is different.
The first quilt was an attempt at a jelly roll quilt. I freely admit that many things went wrong. I chose the fabrics and cut the strips but forgot to allow for the joins coinciding. It would have been better to make random lengths too. Somehow I ended up with a diagonal pattern, but it does not match exactly. From a distance this hardly matters. Some fabric is patterned and some is plain. And the first strip I sewed is square at the end. I did a quilt-as-you-go method so this one did not actually take long, except for the anguish over the lines.

For the second one I made the quilt top separately and then sandwiched everything together with some simple lines. This allowed me to learn how to use some new sewing gadgets. That was fun.

All these fabrics are patterned but two have direction.
I am not too terrific at measuring so not all columns contain squares.
The front had to fit the backing fabric.
When it is all said and done little boys are going to make a mess on these. These quilts will be washed often. They will take some hard wear and tear. Play mats. Change mats. Bed and cot quilts. Travelling blankets. Camping blankets. I hope they are quilted enough to take the use. 

I am happy with the colours, even though they are appallingly traditional. I am happy with the simple no-fuss designs. I am happy with the size. And it was a great activity for me to learn more about quilting.

Quilting can be a bit expensive in money and time. I hope the parents value the love and effort that has gone into this gift.

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