Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Frugal, thrifty, stingy.

Can I go a day or even a week without spending money?
Spending on clothes?
Spending on anything my heart desires?
Spending on food?

Aaaagh! The choices! The decisions!

I need to be financially careful. Our little family already has a plan for our utilities, such as body corporate, insurances, water and electricity. But I need to shop for food items regularly. I need to buy petrol. How can I manage the rest of our spending effectively?
Is the answer a little kitchen budget separate from the household budget?
A daily budget?
No-spend days?
Alcohol-free days?

Firstly, I will try making a fortnight's menu.
          One day rice.
                    One day pasta.
                              One day eggs.
Mince that becomes spag bol, followed by chilli con carne, followed by a pie.

There are heaps of blogs and web sites about eating economically, but those writers do not live in my city where prices are high. Yesterday I paid $1 each for tomatoes. Yes, they were $14 per kilo, and that was the cheap ones. My home is small and I have very little storage space. This means that I need to shop regularly for milk, fresh vegetables and fruit.

Secondly, I need to examine the reasons for my spending patterns.
Am I expecting too much from Life? Am I neglecting to take the opportunities around me? Could it be that my wasteful ways are the result of listening to advertising rather than walking my own path? Am I happy enough right now, and simply greedy for something unnecessary? Is greed not need my present mantra?

The third step is thinking about the potential results after changing the habits I have developed.
When I do spend less, will my future look brighter? Will I feel that I am giving more to the future generations? Will I feel greater joy each day?

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