Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Fruity Hooty

Do you like a little sculpture?

This was sent to me on Facebook. I know there are lots more food sculpture photos lurking in the depths of the internet. Once upon a time, many moons past, I saved a folder of these pictures. I can not find them now. Maybe I was a good little housekeeper and cleaned up my mess. 
But enjoy the owl.


  1. Hi Louise

    Isn't that so amazing!
    A true artist at work - I wonder how long it took to do.
    Maybe the artist is Japanese as they seem to have amazing knife skills and a good eye for detail.

    Serated tomatoes in summer is my limit!!!

    Thank you for joining my blog - I would like to follow you too, but you haven't put up a "following" gadget yet. Let me know if you would like help with that.

    Take care

  2. Take no notice of the silly biddy who had a go over your comment about cheap bacon. She is the bossiest thing ever with always telling people how marvellous her life style is and how we could all be like her if only we tried.

    I read her blog for a laugh and only that. I agree with you that animal welfare is very important. I was recently made redundant and live on very little but if I buy cheese it is always organic and I only buy free range eggs. If I can't afford those then I go without. Some people have plenty of money but choose not to spend it but save it and then tell you they can't afford things. These kinds of people eat out alright to but usually let people pay for them. Nothing admirable at all about that.

    Anyway thanks for caring about the piggies, you are lucky you didn't get sworn at, the last person got the f word thrown at them. Well done for having principles and not being afraid to say so.

    1. Froogs has good and bad aspects to her character, like all of us. I suspect she could have Aspergers or Bipolar to deal with. I also sometimes wonder how she ended up with mountains of debt in the first place.
      I do think it is important to eat ethically when possible. My sister moved to live on a pig farm. It is well above the industrial standard, but it certainly opened my eyes to pig farming practices. At that farm they are now changing to mung beans and lucerne.
      I also oppose live animal export. Pigs, sheep, cattle, and buffalo are mammals just like we are. They deserve to be treated well.
      I wish you success as you search for a new job. It is no disgrace to be unemployed but sometimes it feels like it is. I have retrained for a slightly different job myself.


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