Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy people happy places happy goannas

Are you happy? Happy enough?  Never happy?

I have to work at happiness and cheerfulness. Thank goodness for self hypnosis tapes, I say.

I saw this article on the internet and found it interesting. Quality of life is measured in some ways that seem odd to me. Yes, Aussies are usually a happy bunch, but there are a lot of worried people who do not admit their concerns. Or is it that the survey was poorly constructed?

There are some unhappy folk sobbing over cereal because they are a tad annoyed the great NRL matches are being played in Melbourne. Well, Melbourne does have many great sporting facilities and events and that's why our tourist dollars increase annually down here making us a very happy State in that respect.
Look at some great news that probably escaped everyone's attention on 23rd May this year. I reckon it should have been front page news and it was in some places, just not in Melbourne.
There it was, a news report stating that the OEDC has declared that Australia and its people are the "happiest nation in the world". Hey; we beat the usual fun countries such as the USA, Norway, Italy and others, and also we ranked number one in their survey of rich nations. Part of their report also says our life expectancy is 82 years, two years higher than any other country.
That's really great news for everyone Downunder, and I now understand why we are a happy country when I see folk on the road and in our caravan parks giving out hugs. Yes, everyone is happy in the happiest country in the world Downunder, and if this photo sent to me by WUD fan Bill Davies is any indication, it's not just us humans handing out hugs on the road.
What more can we say  except "GOANNA HAVE A HAPPY DAY"!

Goannas in the car park. Might be lace monitors, but not sure. They seem a bit small.
How on earth could a photo of goannas be viewed as evidence of happiness? Do people hug as a sign of happiness or as a social convention replacing the handshake?

Is this photo evidence of happiness simply because the two people are physically close?

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