Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Run and quilt

A while back I found an embroidered piece of cloth in an op shop. Maybe it had been a curtain. Maybe. The embroidery ran along one side only. And, joy of joys, there was a beautiful hand crocheted trim. Good condition.

Now it is a quilted runner.

The hand crocheted trim has been carefully set aside for something wonderful one day. Nearly 3 metres long and 4cm wide in a shell design. Handmade lace is a treasure to be handled with care and this is very well made.

The embroidery was not perfectly straight, but that could be because the grain of the fabric was originally out of alignment. It happens. Luckily for me the embroidery is all in cross stitch. I am hopeless at cross stitch no matter how hard I try.

Chop chop. I cut the fabric smaller. The finished runner will fit my chest of drawers and protect the timber from strong sunlight and accidental damage.

I used it as a practice piece to learn some of the tricks on my new sewing machine. You can see where I tried different settings. I had never before used a walking foot or lowered the feed dogs. I used bamboo wadding. My quilting is amateurish, but I.am learning. This was my first big attempt at free motion quilting.

Happy with the result.

Yep, showing off again!!

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