Saturday, 8 September 2012

Stubby holder

Where I live many people drink beer from cans or small bottles. I do live close to the Equator.
Condensation builds up on the can or stubby.
To make drinking time more comfortable we use stubby holders. Some are made of styrofoam, others of the stuff for wet suits. The stubby holder then becomes a vehicle for advertising.

New addition to my drinking collection.

Here is my latest stubby holder. It is made of poly-something, the wet suit stuff. Then a layer of fake fur has been added. A logo is appliqu├ęd and then the entire thingo-whatchamecallit is glued together.
The brand is Fat Yak. The beer is Fat Yak. I do not have a lot of experience stroking yaks but I think this is a close encounter I can cope with.

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