Tuesday, 2 October 2012

All in the timing

Yesterday my sweet husband almost missed a very important medical appointment because he recorded the day wrongly. Everyone make mistakes like this from time to time. Yet, time was central to the entire episode.

We each have diaries. We write notes. We use the household calendar. Still, human error creeps in.

We have far too many clocks and watches in our home. On appliances, hanging on walls and sitting on furniture. Is it something about time itself that makes Westerners regard history as important? Will the day come soon when all people on earth will follow the same clock and calendar. It can get tricky in the workplace when some people begin the clock at dawn and some at midnight. So many differences, yet we are basically all the same.

I rather like clocks and other devices for following time. Something odd in my mind? In my history? Not really significant, just there.

Yes, I know there are many more types of clocks, and that some have no numbers. Water clocks, sand clocks, candle clocks. Seasons. Festivals. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Astrology and astronomy. Life is time in many ways I suppose.

I found these pictures of clocks at the following sites.

Do you feel like this? Not only spiral but also skewed.

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