Monday, 29 October 2012

Another quilt

Another quilt is ready to send. This quilt is long overdue and is for a much loved grandchild of a sister-in-law. Each family gets just one quilt from us as the amount of time, effort, and expense is quite high. Quilts last for such a long time and have so many uses that I feel this is acceptable.

On the verandah. Showing off. Grinning like a big dill.
This quilt is actually quite flat,
but looks wobbly because of the way I am holding it.
This is my best quilting so far, although it is not patchwork. I am very happy with the even stitching and can find only one tiny error. The old machine was difficult to use because the upper tension was too worn. And I could not get a walking foot to fit it. Those quilts were a bit clumsy. The new machine is wonderful. Years ago I took lessons in patchwork and quilting, but now that I actually feel like doing it I find have forgotten the details. Thanks to the internet, and the wonder resources on youtube I am progressing reasonably well.

The front is handprinted fabric from Arnhem land. The back is hand dyed fabric from an artist in Canberra that our son knew. I used a decorative stitch from my lovely new machine to highlight the dark back. The thread used is variegated green which blends very nicely on the front and looks fantastic on the back.
I screen printed the label.

Making a quilt is a huge undertaking that involves both my husband and I for weeks. Choosing the fabrics, threads, wadding. Preparations. Sewing. Doing all the forgotten or neglected household tasks while my mind is occupied by the quilt. Then comes the actual giving.

One of my greatest family treasures is the blanket my sister made for our first baby. More than thirty years later it is still loved. Mended. Used for more than one child. Lots of use. Hopefully, the quilts we make an give are similarly used and remembered.

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