Thursday, 4 October 2012

More cards and notelets

I have been making some more cards. I hope you do not think I am boasting; I am sharing something I did that was fun.
These are not perfect but then again I do not sell them. It is about making a pleasant experience for someone I know, making the letter a caring expression. We communicate with a lot more than words.

The cake card is for a birthday but the others could be for any message at all.

The cake took ages and a great deal of effort. A paper template makes the basic shape. Then silk ribbon embroidery techniques form the lines for the circular edges. Additional stitching defines the height of the cake. I saw something similar in a book.

Of course I cheat a little and reuse all sorts of bits and pieces.
The card with corrugated paper and spring blossoms is actually made using a piece cut from a tissue box.

The little cabochons are the tiny ends of shells that I collected at the beach. The end of the spiral is tossed and weathered over time; eventually some are washed ashore. I just made a little plastic bag to hold these treasures and attached it to a frame.

The flowers were made by threading some beads on fine wire and giving a little twist. One larger bead in the centre hides the ends and holds everything together. The finished piece is stitched onto the card backing. Then that is taped onto the card itself.

As you can see I like to stitch a design sometimes. I really enjoyed making the flower with beads and silver leaves. Did you ever blow on dead seeds and wish as they floated away on the wind? Was it a dandelion?

These cards cost very little except effort and time.

Feel free to adapt these ideas to suit your purposes. There is very little in the world that is new. Millions of people have been thinking and doing for thousands of years.

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